Diversified with extensive development experience

While AMCAL is headquartered in Agoura Hills, we maintain regional offices in San Francisco and Irvine.
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A team within a team and diverse skills

Cities get a full skillset by partnering with AMCAL, with in-house experts in our acquisition, finance, construction and management departments. Talented staff members provide continuity to ensure that all conditions are met and the best product is built to order. Read more


Efficiency translates to lower costs

All AMCAL departments collaborate right from the start and create better designs and more cost-effective construction. This allows better leveraging of local funding to win tax credits and a quicker overall development process. Read more

Financially Secure

Strong financing during recession

During the recession, top-rate institutional investors continue to solicit AMCAL because of its track record of completing construction on-time and within budget. AMCAL has received 55 tax-credit allocations with a total value of $560,683,000 since 1995. Read more