Efficiency translates to lower costs

Efficiency translates to lower costs

All AMCAL departments collaborate right from the start and create better designs and more cost-effective construction. This allows better leveraging of local funding to win tax credits and a quicker overall development process.

At AMCAL, the goals and incentives of employees working on site acquisition, planning, financing, construction and asset management are all aligned towards delivering the highest quality development in the most efficient manner to ensure that our development costs are the best in the industry. AMCAL holds the entire team accountable for delivering these objectives.

What that means for our municipal partners is a greater efficiency in processing the development through entitlements, permitting and construction. With a single, unified AMCAL team in place, the lines of communication remain open and clear. For example, with AMCAL General Contractors in-house, their expertise can be leveraged in determining the constructability and feasibility of a new community at the earliest phases of design development and entitlements.

Similarly, once a development is under construction, the AMCAL employees who processed the entitlements are able to work with their colleagues at AGC to ensure that all conditions of approval and the design intent is reflected in the final building.

Efficiency translates to cost efficiency, which ultimately translates to greater success in securing the financing needed for the development. More successfully financed development allows AMCAL to secure better construction pricing with our subcontractors by always having multiple developments in construction or bidding. For our financial partners, the AMCAL Advantage results in solid returns and stability. With AGC and Asset Management expertise in-house, AMCAL is able to set and meet realistic expectations for a developmentā€™s financial performance. AMCAL has a close pulse on the return thresholds required by real estate investors and lenders and understands the constraints of the marketplace.

By working with top tier investors and lenders who are willing to offer us better pricing and terms than industry standard, AMCAL has been able to parley these financing boosts into higher levels of quality and sustainability. In many cases, allowing AMCAL to incorporate building components that exceed LEED Silver standards with some development meeting LEED Gold standards and a LEED Platinum certified development.