Working with community

AMCAL is a long-term partner and dedicated to the communities in which we build our new housing. Our integrated, mission-based approach combines development, finance, construction and property management. That is implemented by a team of talented professionals with diverse backgrounds in the public, private and non-profit sectors in order to create the best overall “fit” for a neighborhood.

AMCAL has a headquarters in the Los Angeles area and regional offices in Orange County and the San Joaquin Valley, which provides a local presence and helps our staff to listen closely to the needs of these unique communities throughout the California. Our team members build strong relationships over the years with government and community leaders, and use this knowledge to build the best buildings and provide the most useful support services to our residents. During the entitlement process, AMCAL listens intently to suggestions about the design and amenities needed.

AMCAL typically partners with a non-profit developer or service provider that has ties to the local community, which opens lines of communications and allows for better understanding of the neighborhood. In the San Joaquin Valley, we have partnered with Better Opportunities Builders, a Fresno-based non-profit. In southern California, our partners include the Foundation for Affordable Housing, a San Juan Capistrano-based non-profit, and Las Palmas Foundation, a San Diego-area based non-profit. In Los Angeles County, AMCAL has partnered with W.O.R.K.S. (Women Organizing Resources, Knowledge and Services), which is a respected local service provider.

AMCAL remains as the long-term owner construction is completed, and does not sell off its developments. We implement staffs with local knowledge and strong relationships that engage with the community. As an everyday stakeholder, our goal is to build new developments that neighbors support and to lend a hand to improve everyone’s lives. In that way, we all benefit.