Partnership for HOPE

AMCAL and LifeSTEPS have partnered to provide Housing Opportunities and Personal Empowerment for over 6,500 residents in 23 southern California communities. Our partnership provides HOPE in many forms—valuable education programs and scholarships, intervention services that help families maintain housing, special grants and funding.

AMCAL makes the dream of affordable housing possible, and LifeSTEPS sustains that dream by empowering individuals and communities to thrive. Together, we create HOPE.

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$115,900 in Scholarships
$31,700 HOPE Grants for Resident Assistance
$15,594 Youth Development
$6,824 Youth/Adult Education
$3,199 Employability

Since 2011, the Partnership for Hope has been raising funds for scholarships and other crucial services that AMCAL’s residents can use to become more economically sustainable. Our first scholarship class was in Fall 2011. We celebrated our first college graduating class at last year’s Hope Society Lunch at the fabulous LA Country Club! The Spring 2014 Hope Scholar class is our largest yet, with 20 individuals receiving $60,000 in scholarship awards!

Since the inception of the scholarship program, over $115,000 has been awarded! This success is tied directly to the generosity of our donors. Since the forming of the Partnership for Hope, three years ago, we have raised over $270,000. These funds have not only applied toward scholarships for deserving individuals, but also have targeted youth development, employability programs, and a safety net for emergency assistance.

We are officially starting our 2016 fundraising campaign and hope that you will help us make it even more successful than in previous years. We have worked to make it easier for everyone to contribute by following the link below and donating online.

This year we are saving paper and money by making our campaign paperless. We hope that the attached links will answer all of your questions. Thank you to our previous years sponsors, we hope that we can count on you again this year. We thank you in advance to all those who will join the HOPE family this year.

Scholarship Update:
Applications for Fall 2015 are due June 30, 2015

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HOPE Society:
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The Hope Society is designed to be a networking opportunity for current and past recipients of the Hope Scholarship to connect with one another, and with those who provide them with support. A Hope Society Facebook page has been set up and we encourage every scholarship recipient, donor and AMCAL and LifeSTEPS employee to “Like” this page!

The application deadline for the Fall 2014 scholarship is Monday, June 30, 2014. We’re looking forward to welcoming a new crew of scholars to the Hope Society!


With funds raised annually, the Partnership for HOPE has enabled LifeSTEPS to reach out to AMCAL residents and provide assistance to those most in need. Here are a just a few examples of what HOPE has done:

Plan for Hope 2011-12 (link to pdf)
February 2012 Update ( link to pdf)
April 2012 Update (link to pdf)
June 2012 Update (link to pdf)
September 2012 Update (link to pdf)
September 2013 Update (link to pdf)

would not have been possible without the gracious
contributions from our sponsors. With sincere gratitude –

HOPE 2011 SPONSORS (link to pdf)
HOPE 2012 SPONSORS (link to pdf)
HOPE 2013 SPONSORS (link to pdf)

2014 HOPE Event

2014 Scholarship Recipients Video Interview’s

Kevin Tang  Kevin Tang

Erika Cabrera  Erika Cabrera

Elizabeth Giron  Elizabeth Giron

Fabiola Fabian  Fabiola Fabian

Richard Lau  Richard Lau

Jesus Rodriguez Morales  Jesus Rodriguez Morales

  Eun Bi Na & Yea Dam Na

Astrid Bartolo  Astrid Bartolo

2013 HOPE Event

2012 HOPE Event

2011 HOPE Fair