Supportive Services

Supportive services for residents

Supportive classes and programs are an integral part of all of AMCAL's developments throughout the state. By empowering and educating residents about finance, computers and job and life skills, residents can move up to better jobs and home ownership. The goal is to create a stronger overall community by enriching individual households, which benefits all residents and the cities that they call home.

AMCAL and LifeSTEPS have partnered to provide Housing Opportunities and Personal Empowerment for over 6,500 residents in 23 southern California communities. Read more

Classes & Programs


  • Personal finance
  • Job skills
  • Case management
  • Health/nutrition
  • Art/crafts
  • After-school program
  • Mediation


  • Computers
  • Personal finance
  • Case management
  • Health/nutrition
  • Successful aging
  • Legal assistance
  • Social events

Mental Health Services

At the Brookfield family apartments in Oakland, five units are reserved for residents with developmental disabilities. Local non-profits provide programs and case management, and funding is provided by Alameda County through the state Mental Health Services Act.

Child Care

At the Flores del Valle family apartments in northeast Los Angeles, childcare is provided to tenants and area neighbors. AMCAL constructed the facility as part of the development, and the program is funded and managed by Plaza de La Raza Head Start, which receives federal and state funds for its childcare and after-school programs throughout Los Angeles County.

Our Provider: LifeSTEPS

LifeSTEPS is a non-profit social services provider that has a statewide reach and serves 70,000 residents at 223 developments, including many of AMCAL’s family and senior communities. AMCAL and LifeSTEPS have developed an effective and ethical model of service delivery that guarantees residents receive a full and integrated array of supportive services.

Our multi-service approach includes case management, resource development, crisis intervention, educational classes, mediation services, and social activities. LifeSTEPS’ staff is trained to deal with critical care issues, such as mental illness, dementia, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence.

As one resident said about AMCAL’s social service provider, “My meeting with the LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services was an informative session. I have a limited income and recently had trouble meeting my medical prescription expenses. LifeSTEPS saved my life.”


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