Campus Apartments – Texas
Project Description

Campus Apartments will be a newly constructed apartment community for families comprised of 224 total units, 212 of which will be restricted as Low Income Housing Tax Credit Units (“LIHTC”) units, serving resident populations in the low- to moderate-income ranges. Twelve will be unrestricted or market-rate units. The LIHTC units will consist of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments available to families making between 30%-60% of Area Median Income (AMI).

Campus Apartments will serve families and their needs by providing high-quality, contemporary, affordable housing with modern amenities and on-site services. Unit amenities will include balconies and patios overlooking the common outdoor space, ample storage space and modern kitchens and bathrooms. To provide the most convenient living environment for families, all kitchens have garbage disposals, dishwashers and other amenities. Each unit will also include connections for a washer and dryer. The appliances will be energy efficient models to further reduce costs for residents.

Site amenities will include a pool and outdoor grill facilities, a children’s play area and a series of walkways throughout the community with seating areas. Campus Apartments will include a club house which will include a kitchenette, lounge, a community services area and space for activity rooms and a computer area. Onsite social services will be made available at no cost to families and may include activities such as computer training, job training, health/nutrition programs and parenting classes.

Campus Apartments will provide much-needed housing and on-site services to residents of low- to moderate-income ranges. Approximately 60% of households in the Fort Worth area are paying greater than 50% of their income towards housing which is considered a financial burden. By providing housing at restricted rent levels between 30% and 60% AMI where 30% of residents’ income is paid toward housing expenses, residents are able to improve their quality of life.

The clubhouse will hold educational classes, have social services available and create a sense of community with various on-site activities for both adults and children, creating feelings of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Property type: Affordable

Developer: AMTEX Multi-Housing, Inc.
Contractor: Wind Terrace, Inc.
Master Subcontractor: AMTEX Construction, LLC
Year Anticipated Completion: 2018
No. Units: 224
Architect: BGO Architects

Unit Breakdown:
32 – 1BR/1BA
152 – 2BR/2BA
40 – 3BR/2BA
1BR/1BA: 3 @ 60% AMI (RAD), 27@60% AMI, 2 Market Rate = 32
2BR/2BA: 11 @30% AMI (HAP-PBV), 13 @ 60% AMI, 120 @ 60% AMI, 8 Market Rate = 152
3BR/2BA: 11 @ 30% AMI (HAP-PBV), 5@60% AMI (RAD), 22 @ 60% AMI, 2 Market Rate = 40

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Campus Apartments