AMCAL takes every project from idea to reality because it has all the necessary skills and expertise under one roof.  This integration of development, finance, construction and asset management ensures projects are delivered on time and on or under budget.

A Premium on Quality & Good Design

An experienced in-house construction team oversees AMCAL projects from start to finish, ensuring seamless quality oversight for every new development we build—a key differentiator that sets AMCAL apart from other builders that outsource construction management to subcontractors. AMCAL deploys a team of experts on every project including a project manager, a construction manager and an asset manager versus deploying only a single project manager—a common practice of most multi-family developers.

AMCAL projects stand out from the pack because we insist on good design. We retain outstanding architects and encourage them to give us their best ideas. Good design tells our communities and residents that we have respect for them and their environment.

Serving Mixed-Income & Mixed Populations

Serving people in all ranges of the economic spectrum, AMCAL communities are often mixed-use and mixed-income and, whenever possible, located near transit.  We develop homes for families, students, seniors, veterans, special needs persons and mixed populations and ensure residents are accommodated appropriately and considerately.

Financial Strength And Integrity

AMCAL communities are welcomed by municipalities, communities and universities because of our consistent track record of financial strength and integrity.  AMCAL’s stable financial balance sheet stands behind the more than 70 public-private partnerships it has established with local cities, counties, state and municipal entities, and the more than $700 million in tax credit equity it has raised with the nation’s largest financial institutions.  In addition, AMCAL’s financial vitality is key to securing exceptional land acquisitions, allowing it to make immediate buy decisions and accelerate funding to property sellers.

Great Amenities in all Communities

Regardless of the economic level of tenants, AMCAL communities are rich with amenities that enrich residents’ lives including pools, playgrounds, community rooms, outdoor grilling and dining areas and tranquil places to relax and unwind. Tenants of all AMCAL apartments can stay in touch with the world through state-of-the-art technology, which is a must-have with student tenants but is also a priority with most apartment residents, including low-income tenants and seniors.

Working with Communities

Since its founding in 1978, AMCAL has put community needs first, listening to neighbors and elected officials, and then developing projects that accommodate the surrounding neighborhoods providing solutions for their needs whether it is brownfield redevelopment, or building affordable housing.  The company has built in more than 30 counties in California, a state with the nation’s most rigorous environmental and entitlement processes, and with activist citizens who demand good planning and design that fit their community. We also regularly give back to communities in which we work through our Partnership for Hope program.

Green Building

AMCAL understands that sustainable apartments are better for the health and budgets of residents, better for the community and better for the planet.  Thus, green building is a core pillar of our design and construction.  AMCAL aims for Net Zero energy homes.  It has built to LEED Silver certification since 2007, well ahead of industry adoption.