New affordable housing units in Greenspoint, need still growing

Artist's rendering of Richcrest Apartments
HOUSTON – New affordable housing units just opened in Greenspoint, creating more homes in a desperate shortage of affordable housing in the Houston area, but the need is growing once again, as inflation is pushing rent and home prices out of reach for many. “I was actually looking into homes when I was living in a two-bedroom, and the prices were too high,” said Pamela Maradiaga, a mother of two. “I looked at apartments, and they wanted $1,700 for a two-bedroom. I got a two-bedroom here and I like it,” said Ross Holmes. Tenants are finding relief from rising rent and home prices in the new Richcrest Apartments in Greenspoint which has 288 units of affordable housing for households earning between 30% and 60% of the area’s median income. Read more of the story at this link.