Serenity Villas – Pomona


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Serenity Villas apartment building with person walking
Serenity Villas apartment building
Serenity Villas apartment buildings
Serenity Villas buildings and parking area
Project Description

Serenity Villas is a 174-unit senior affordable housing development on 3.9 acres at Garey and Bonita Avenues in Pomona, a suburban city in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County.

The development is three levels of Type V wood construction with elevators.

On-grade parking of 112 spaces with security gates is provided.

Financing is via 4% tax-exempt bonds.

Occupancy began in 2002.

100% affordable: 18 units – 50% AMI 155 units – 60% AMI 1 unit – Manager

Property type: Affordable

Year Built: 2002
No. Units: 174
Developer: AMCAL Multi-Housing
Contractor: AMCAL General Contractors
Architect: Van Tilburg, Banvard and Soderbergh

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Serenity Villas