Sunrise – Los Angeles
Project Description

Sunrise Apartments replaces old apartments on Main Street in South Los Angeles with a new senior development. The Craftsman-inspired design complements the historic family neighborhood to the west.

Sunrise consists of 46 units, primarily with 1-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors. Construction will be four levels of Type V wood over Type I concrete semi- subterranean parking with 25 spaces. Site area is 18,000 sf (108 dua).

Sunrise is near MTA local and Rapid bus routes on Main Street and Broadway, 51st St. Park, Serra Library, 52rd St. Elementary School, markets, pharmacies and health clinics.

Sunrise was financed with a $6,019,000 allocation of 9% Low-income Housing Tax Credits in 2010, conventional debt and agency funds from the Prop. 1C Infill Infra- structure Grant fund, ARRA federal stimulus fund, Los Angeles County (City of Industry) and Los Angeles CRA.

100% affordable: 5 units – 30% AMI, 5 units – 40% AMI, 23 units – 50% AMI, 12 units – 60% AMI.

Property type: Affordable

Year Built: 2012
No. Units: 46
Developer: AMCAL Multi-Housing
Contractor: AMCAL General Contractors
Architect: Withee Malcolm

Sunrise Apartments Leasing Information