“We doubt that anybody will believe it’s an affordable project based upon its appearance.”

City of Rancho Palos Verdes,
City Manager, Carolyn Lehr

“(My life) has changed a lot since I’ve moved into Palo Verde Terrace senior building. I never thought I would ever enjoy being in a place as much as I have.
I am thrilled that I found this place because it’s everything that I could have ever wanted.
I hope they plan on more buildings like this. I’m amazed at how wonderful this is.”


“(The AMCAL development) stands out for its attractive architectural design and amenities… We are impressed that you were able to quickly obtain funding.”

City of Brawley,
Mayor John Benson

“We got a good management. We got two ladies we get along with… They’re very wonderful and we can talk to them. They seem to like us a lot.”


“I’m so thankful that I chose here to live. The people are friendly and loving. We pray that we can grow together and grow stronger in everything we do… I used to just stay in my wheelchair, and now I’m up walking.”


“We are pleased to recommend AMCAL for future redevelopment projects in other California cities, as they propose and deliver a quality project.”

City of Palmdale,
City Manager, Stephen H. Williams

“Casa Grande was designed in compliance with the City’s expectations and was built and has been managed as if it were a completely market-rate project.”

City of Coachella,
Mayor Juan de Lara

“It is simply gorgeous. The open spaces are simply gorgeous… It’s a love to be over here and participate with all the friendly people.”


“Our city is home to several newer affordable housing developments, and Valle del Sol stands out for its attractive architectural design and the amenities that it provides to its new residents.”

City of Brawley,
Mayor John Benson

“Throughout the entire entitlement process, AMCALs staff acted professionally and worked very well with staff, elected officials and the community.”

City of Rancho Palos Verdes
City Manager, Carolyn Lehr

“(The AMCAL community) … represents excellent design, features and amenities… found in a market-rate rental project.”

City of Fresno,
Councilwoman Cynthia Sterling